On October 30th 2010, I created an installation for the Night for All Souls at Mountain View Cemetery to honour my father who passed away this year. My father loved sailing and so I made a boat and four sails which were installed in the Celebration Hall courtyard. The boat hung from a concrete wall; the bow faced the pond and the stern could be seen on approaching the building. It was at once, floating in the air and piercing through the wall. The basic form was constructed from Willow branches (grown in my yard) and covered with handmade paper and cheesecloth. As the sun set and the skies darkened, the LED lights transformed it into a glowing lantern. The 4 sails, printed on Epson Satin cloth were placed in the shallow pond and were backlit to illuminate them. The images represent my father’s ashes and  his final resting place in the waters of Indian Arm. The words : Embark, Journey, Navigate and Passage accompany the photos, which can be read as: Embark on a Journey and Navigate the Passages. A sentiment that can apply to life as well as death. I do not really know what our purpose is here on earth but I do know that to survive we must learn to be good navigators of life’s ebb and flows. I am grateful to Paula Jardine and the people at Mountain View who have the vision to create an event that allows for alternative and authentic methods of navigating through grief. This experience has  allowed me express my gratitude and love  for my father through my creative endeavour – a gesture, which I know would have touched him deeply.